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Annual Report Service offers a fully managed Annual Report Service to further ease the burden of corporate compliance. While you are busy managing your company’s daily operations, let us handle the tedium of annual report filings due throughout the year to ensure that your company stays in compliance with jurisdictional regulations. The reality is that many businesses are often too engaged in the day to day to properly track and handle filing their annual and biennial reports. Unfortunately, the consequences for not filing your company’s annual reports in a timely manner can be costly. Many states charge penalty fees for late filings, and missing the strict due dates imposed by each jurisdiction may result in your company becoming administratively dissolved or revoked. With our Annual Report Service, you can ensure that your company remains in good legal standing by having your annual reports filed efficiently and timely without worrying about costly or undesirable consequences.

With our Annual Report Service, we will check the current compliance status of your company, track all annual report due dates, prepare and file necessary forms, advance any state fees, and upon completion, will provide you with a confirmation report for your records showing that all annual reports have been filed on time. Below is a more detailed description of how our Annual Report Service works for you.

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Registered Agent Service FAQ

Frequently asked questions about registered agents

Do you offer Mail Forwarding?2019-05-24T19:27:26+00:00

A registered agent is not a mail forwarding service. While a registered agent does forward all of your legal documents and state correspondence, the registered agent address is not for all of your business mail.

We suggest setting up a P.O. Box for any mail that you do not want delivered to your physical address. Keep in mind, that you may still need to provide your physical address for registered agent service, but that information will not be listed publicly.

Can I be my own Registered Agent?2019-05-24T19:34:21+00:00

A registered agent can either be a designated person or a commercial registered agent service provider. You cannot list your company as your company’s registered agent because most states require the name of the person that is designated to receive state and legal documents on behalf of the company.

A drawback to using an employee of the company is that a registered agent must be available daily during regular business hours to accept legal documents. What happens if that employee is on vacation? You may miss important services of process documents and risk having a default judgment against your company – an action that can include expensive fines.

Commercial registered agent providers are always available to accept documents and will ensure that you don’t miss any of your important documents!

Do I Need a Registered Agent?2019-05-24T19:42:04+00:00

All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and even international jurisdictions require a designated registered agent listed on the incorporation or formation documents of a company.

In nearly all cases, you must list a person or a commercial registered agent provider. A few states will act as your registered agent; however, the Secretary of State will still need to know who at your company to forward your service of process and legal documents on to.

What Is Included In Our Registered Agent Service

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